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Pop-up drainage basin   A meal, a glass of coke, a menu and the creative thoughts of friend Jo and this is what happens… does what it says on the label. I don’t think we’ve been forgiven for the menu.  2 mb ppt 
 Percy raindrop’s journey New piece of work , images are courtesy of Ian Murray, students reorganise and then annotate the PowerPoint describing Percy’s journey down the river course. A chance for some creative writing ,as well as displaying knowledge of key terminology and features.  2 mb ppt
Find me- Water   Simple homework task, aimed at developing research skills. 47 kb doc
 River/Water terms dominoes  As in the title. 35 kb doc
 Walk the Plank- River dominoes term  Game that I used with the river/water dominoes task.  External link
 Find me – Water- answers PowerPoint  To be used with the above resource.  1.2 mb ppt
 Niagara Falls leafet  A webquest task asking students to produce an information leaflet for the famous waterfalls.  107 kb doc
 Baseline hydrology task  Just a set of questions that I used during Ofsted to show progress.  87 kb ppt
 Drainage Basin features  Simple name the features starter.  75 kb ppt
 Drainage Basin and Hydrograph starter  Elements of the previous PowerPoint and some additional questions related to hydrographs.  75 kb ppt
 Factors affecting lag-times in draingae basins  Simple PowerPoint starter, asking students to consider the factors that will influence the movement of water through the drainage basin.  1 mb ppt
 Water Cycle Terms  A simple terminology PowerPoint of key terms within the water cycle.  1 mb ppt
 Water Cycle Terms  Flash based activity.  External Link
Just a Minute
 World Rivers Teacher Invaders  Flash based activity, get them playing with an atlas.  External Link
 River Basin- just a minute  Flash based game  External Link
 What is the question?  Simple PowerPoint starter.  45 kb ppt
Drainage Basins
 River Course Starter  Question of sport type format, students need to decide which part of the course of a river is shown in the image.  4 mb ppt
 Rivers noughts and crosses  PowerPoint game- please read the instructions in the notes on the first slide before using.  4 mb ppt
 River’s work  PowerPoint discussing the main transport processes, with a bit of aerobics thrown in for good measure. I then get the students to produce an A3 poster of the processes. Also works well using MS Paint.  350 kb ppt
 River’s work- just a minute  Flash based game.  External Link
 Rivers Harvest  An undercover simple  test.  3 mb ppt
 Rivers word search  Whole class starter, as in the title.  190 kb ppt
 Rivers penalty shoot-out  Flash based game  External Link
 Pop-up River Delta  As in the name- a pop-up model for students to build and annotate.  6.5 mb ppt  Paul Williams