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Radical Geography will be my online deposit for my teaching resources. This is not a professional site, it is authored in my own time and at my expense, so please do not expect any kind of professional service. All resources will be thematically organised.


A blog for practitioners and students focusing on Key Stage 3 and 4 Geography. New Key Stage 3 and 4 resources will be first announced on this blog.

Tony Cassidy

My homepage, containing my thoughts about teaching and learning.

Please contact me at the following email address. I'm happy to respond to requests, but please remember that I'm a full-time teacher.

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Tony Cassidy

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Any views represented on the site are my own, or those of the resource author, they may not necessarily represent the views, or be endorsed, by my employer. Users are free to utilise and adapt my resources, unless it is for financial gain, but please acknowledge my contribution. When creating resources I may have used the ideas or work of others, where possible I have acknowledged the contribution/s of others within the resources. All resources created for the site are for educational use, I gain no income from their creation or sharing with the wider educational community.