Weather Hazards

Some resources for use in teaching about weather hazards at Key Stage 3

Hurricane Katrina 2004

 Formation of Hurricane Katrina
Simple diagram explaining the formation of the Hurricane.
300 kb Word doc
 The impacts of Hurricane Katrina
 Mapping exercise considering the impact of Katrina.
500 kb Word doc
 Pop-up Hurricane
 Step by step PowerPoint to produce a pop-up hurricane.
 1.18 mb ppt
 Pop-up Hurricane template
 As in the title.
 700 kb pdf
Hurricane Katrina emotion graph
 To be used with the B.B.C. news special.
 149 kb Word doc
  PowerPoint slide.
 128 kb ppt
 Tracking Hurricane Katrina
 PowerPoint presentation and two worksheets. Students track the progression of the hurricane over time, using the automated presentation.
 400 kb zip
 Hurricane Penalty Shoot Out
 Flash-based game.
 External Link
 Srategies for reducing the impact of hurricanes
 Simple worksheet for use with the Stop Disasters game- my favourite of all Geography sims.
 100 kb doc
 Strategies for reducing the impact of hurricanes
 Simple match-up activity.
 70 kb doc
 Hurricane survival Kits
 Simple homework/cover activity, asking students to develop a survival kit poster.
 110 kb doc
 Saffir-Simpson Scale
 Simple homework/cover activity, asking students to illustrate the impact of a hurricane according to their category.
 31 kb doc
 Twenty question review
 Simple twenty question PowerPoint- also some weather and climate question thrown in.
 1.1 mb ppt

Bangladesh Cyclone Sidr 2007

The following resources were produced in response to my visit to Bangladesh in October 2007.





 Rationale and Formation of Hurricane Sidr

Introduction with rationale for studying the event. A PowerPoint with linked video and embedded animation explaining the formation of the cyclone and an overview of the impacts. Student worksheet about the formation of the cyclone. 

 29 mb zip file


 Causes, impacts and responses to the Hurricane

A PowerPoint introducing the classification task. Student worksheet-classification task. 

1.5 mb zip file 


 How quickly will Bangladesh recover?

A PowerPoint comparing development statistics of the U.K. and Bangladesh. Student response worksheet. 

1.2 mb zip file


Levelled assessment

Students are asked to produce a PowerPoint storyboard about the cyclone for B.B.C. News 24. Task worksheet. Assessment criteria. Outline PowerPoint.

150 kb zip file


 All resources

One file of all the resources, all in a neat zip file.

33 mb zip file 

Hot Potatoes

With thanks to Mary Cooch who has produced a set of hot potato activities based on my resources. 

 External link

Mary Cooch 


Many of the images are creative commons, some rights reserved or in the public domain, where necessary I have provided the individual web address. The video and animation remain the property of the B.B.C and are used under educational licence.