Weather and Climate

Weather and climate resources for Key Stage 3 that are used within my classroom. They aren't in any scheme of learning type order.





Pat Does Depressions

Postman Pat illustrates the concept of depressions. Main video file of 'Pat does Depressions', Depressions introductory teaching PowerPoint, 'Pat does Depressions' follow-up PowerPoint, 'Pat does Depressions' worksheet and a Pat Plenary.

 58mb zip file



A video introducing the weather conditions associated with anti-cyclonic weather, a teaching PowerPoint and a video about how anti-cyclonic conditions may have contributed to the Hemel oil depot disaster.

 25mb zip file


  Weather or Climate starter video

A short video starter, students are asked to define certain statements as weather or climate.

 16mb wmv


 End of topic weather review.

A simple twenty questions on the topic of weather and climate.

 2 mb ppt


 Factors affecting climate.

A simple PowerPoint illustrating the different factors that influence climate.

 5 mb ppt


 Air masses

A simple introduction to air masses and isobars.

 1 mb ppt


 Singing air masses

Learn about air masses to 'you're happy and you know it', PowerPoint file and music (royalty free). It works in my mad world.

  500 kb zip file


 How does air act?

A simple homework poster that I devised, that seemed to produce some creative display work.

 73 kb doc


 Weather symbols

Introduction to the use of weather symbols, with an associated celebration of knowledge. The second slide I usually use the famous Paxman Newnight weather reporting....

 400 kb ppt


 Learning a cross-section of a depression.

Hard to explain this one, but if you view it you're know how it works, all timed. I usually have some thunderstorm background music as well. Works fine.

 500 kb ppt


 Weather terms match-up

As in the title, with thanks Andrew Field.

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 Fronts and frontal rainfall

A simple PowerPoint introducing fronts and frontal rainfall.

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 Weather around the U.K.

A reworking on an old piece of work, students compare the weather forecast on the B.B.C. to live web cams, then produce a PowerPoint presentation. File contains worksheet and example PowerPoint.

 2 mb zip file


 Weather terms- just a minute

As in the title, with thanks Andrew Field.

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 Weather and climate countdown

As in the title, old skool style. Ready for adapting to various topics. PowerPoint and video file.

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 Weather and climate Bingo

The old ones are the best.

 85 kb ppt


 Rainfall aerobics
 A fun exercise for recapping, frontal, relief and convection rainfall.
 1.3 mb ppt 

 Cloud types

 A PowerPoint that illustrates the main cloud types.

 1.5 mb ppt


 Cloud types review

 A PowerPoint for testing recall about the main cloud types.

 1.5 mb ppt


 Understanding weather symbols task

 I print this as a single sided worksheet, test students' understanding of weather symbols.

161 kb ppt


 Find me -Weather events

 Simple research quiz- suggested use as a homework task.

 35 kb doc

 Air masses starter
 Simple recap PowerPoint, I usually add some music to this.
 170 kb ppt
 Weather Symbols starter
 Ten symbols, had your own music- away you go...
 185 kb ppt
 What is the question? Weather
 Simple PowerPoint starter.
 44 kb ppt
 Frontal Starter
 Simple closed passage starter.
 173 kb ppt
 Weather dominoes
 As in the title
 45 kb doc
 Weather and Climate noughts and crosses
 PowerPoint starter or plenary, please read the notes under the first slide before adapting or using.
 1 mb ppt
 Weather and Climate- Teacher Invaders
 Flash based game- to be used with the weather dominoes.
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 Weather and Climate- Grade or No Grade
 Flash based game
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 Weather word search class starter
 Simple starter- find the words!
 118 kb ppt